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    The Acadian Peninsula’s Service Centre
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    Live well, here and now
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    Make yourself at home
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    Make yourself at home
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    The Acadian Peninsula’s Service Centre
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    Live well, here and now
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    Grow, flourish, prosper


One of the primary attractions of Tracadie is the quality of life we can offer our people. The municipality wants citizens and visitors to enjoy themselves in our community and we provide a wide range of activities for all interests.

In conjunction with the Tracadie-Sheila Recreation Commission and the Youth Council, we develop projects and an annual programs based on interests expressed by our citizens.

The Town has taken steps to become a "Senior Friendly" Municipality. The aim of this project is to address the needs of the elderly in terms of security, recreation and rural planning. This effort will permit more effective networking for Seniors, in particular to help those facing isolation.


Recreational Facilities


Several activities are organized by the Municipality and by various groups for citizens in the town and the region. Visit the Calendar below to learn more about what's happening in our area!


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Art, Culture

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