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    Live well, here and now
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    The Acadian Peninsula’s Service Centre
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    The Acadian Peninsula’s Service Centre

Arena and Pool Complex Rév. S.A. Dionne



Located at 4234 Hall St.

During the winter season, the Arena offers free skate sessions, senior, minor and recreational hockey as well as figure skating. The Arena is also available for rental.

Clubs associated with the Arena:
  • Minor Hockey Association of Tracadie-Sheila
  • Figure Skating Club "La Lame d'Or"
  • Senior Team "The Alpines"
  • W.A. Losier School Hockey (Male and Female)
  • Gentlemen's Hockey League

The Arena also hosts the Charlie Bourgeois Spring Hockey School in April and May, as well as the Éric Plourde Hockey School in late August – early September.

During the summer season, the arena welcomes various shows and hosts a physical fitness camp, as well as being used by Youth Day Camp participants during inclement

For more Information: (506) 394-4015
Edgar E. Benoit, Manager



Located at 4216 Hall St.
Our pool offers supervised free swimming sessions, swimming lessons and is also available for rental. The pool is of semi-Olympic dimensions; namely, 25 metres in length and 14 metres wide. Water depth ranges from 3 ft 6 inches to 11 ft 6 inches.

Other facilities: 1 metre Diving Board, Tarzan Rope and Slide. Rental costs are $60 hr. (an additional $25 supplement provides a reception hall ideal for meetings, Birthdaysetc.).

Admission – Free Swim
  • 0 - 5 yrs: Free
  • 18 yrs and under: $3.75
  • 19 -59 yrs: $5.00
  • 60 yrs and over: $3.75

Aquafitness — $6.75
Master Swim — $6.75

Save by purchasing one of our Cards:
  • Yellow Card (Family Swim): $78 / 30 sessions
  • Red Card (Adult Swim) : $110 / 30 sessions
  • White Card (Aquafitness) : $80 / 14 sessions
  • Green Card (Master Swim) : $80 / 14 sessions

Private Courses

  • Children: $25.00 /hour
  • Adults : $30.00 /hour

Master Swim

The Master Swim program is for swimmers who wish to improve their technique, endurance and speed.
  • Level 1: 40 to 60 Lengths
  • Level 2 : 60 to 80 Lengths


  1. Completed Levels 1 through 12
  2. Bronze Medal (must be 13 yrs of age)
  3. Bronze Cross (must be 14 years of age)
  4. National Lifeguard Pool (16 yrs)
  5. National Lifeguard Waterpark
  6. National Lifeguard Waterfront

Boating Safety
Attention Pleasure Boat Operators! We offer the Boating Safety course, during which you will obtain your Pleasure Craft Operator Card.

Swordfish Club
From September through June, for Young swimmers who wish to improve their swimming style and participate in competitions.

Prerequisite: Level 8.

200 km Pool Swim
Keep track of your pool lengths on a score card during the year. 40 lengths = 1 km. Registration is free and you will receive a Certificate of Merit at the end of the year.
  • Bronze (100)
  • Silver (150)
  • Gold (175 km)
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